10 Best Horse Blankets in 2019 Reviews

You may have struggled in finding the best horse blankets to keep your horse warm in the cold season. Many people resort to piling blankets on the horse as mitigation.

However, these are quality horse blankets that are waterproof capable of insulating your horses perfectly. They wrap around their body to protect them from cold and the rain without adding extra weight onto their backs. We have put this list together to help you buy your horse a comfortable blanket.

10 Best Horse Blankets in 2019 Reviews;

1. Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout

This horse blanket is made of a strong and heavy Denier Poly material that suits horse that bites or chew. Sharp nails or fences may rip it though. The neck is easily adjustable to a custom fit for your horse. With 300g polyfill, this blanket provides heavy warmth to protect the horse from wind and rain. It is designed to prevent hair from sticking to its inside. The waterproof outer shell repels water to keep your horse dry.

2. Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse

You need this horse sheet for that sudden rain shower when camping, at the show, out in the pasture, or when riding the trail. Made with 600 Denier nylon waterproofing and Denier 70 lining for warmth. With adjustable leg straps, shoulder gussets, crossed belly and tail flap and double buckle closure front side.

3. Derby Originals Classic

This premium quality horse blanket is soft, fleece and cooler capable of wicking moisture yet stay warm without adding bulk to the horse. Use it under a winter blanket or before a shower. It features low cross surcingles, front closure, and a tail tie making it easy to put on and off.


Get the perfect blanket for your horse when you buy Hilason Brand. It is suitable for cold and wet seasons since it is made from the best materials tailor-made to customer needs. It is built with a heavyweight 1200 Denier outer shell that the horse cannot rip. They are waterproof and breathable for the comfort of the horse. It has 400g polyfill insulation for optimum warmth to keep your horse cozy even in the worst weather. The lining can withstand daily wear and tear making it very durable. It includes an insulated tail flap the prevents air entry to ensure the inside temperature is maintained.

5. Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner

With this adjustable horse blanket liner, the animal will get maximum protection from the weather. The soft fleece material is comfortable on the horse while keeping it warm in harsh weather. It is as warm as wool but has no additional fabric to make it heavy on the animal. Use it alone as a cooler or in addition to a blanket.

6. Shires Stormcheeta Combo Blanket

With Shires StormCheeta blanket, your horse will get the best in winter protection at an affordable price. It features a 2000 Shire Tex waterproof, breathable outer and 400g quilted polyfill for warmth. The shoulder gussets are deep enough to allow free movement. The tail flap is large and pleated to keep out drafts. The outer is made of fully nylon Ripstop for durability and adjustable chest fasteners. It is machine washable and also has reflective straps.

7. Horze Supreme Avalanche

There are days when your horse needs a heavy turnout, and in some, it needs to dress light. If you expect unpredictable weather, then this is the best horse blanket for you. It fits perfectly between seasons when it could be warm at one time and chilly in a couple of hours. It features a front T-buckle, elastic leg straps, cross surcingles, and long tail flap.

8. Horseware Rambo Deluxe Fleece

Get your horse this Rambo Deluxe Fleece to provide the horse warmth and protection. It features a beautiful checkered inner and has excellent wicking and thermal properties to provide both warmth and comfort. The material is durable, waterproof, and breathable.

9. 78″ Horse Sheet Polar FLEECE COOLER

9. 78 Horse Sheet Polar FLEECE COOLER

Available in black and red, this 78-inch horse sheet fleece is an excellent cooler. Use it to wick moisture after exercise and before a shower.

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10. Kensington All Around Adjustable

This horse blanket is designed to fit the horse comfortably and has Velcro for adjusting for growth. It has 180g hollow fiber for warmth. The blanket is waterproof, hygienic, and breathable for the horse’s comfort. The 600 Denier Ripstop feature ensures it is tough enough.


With this selection, you have the best horse blankets to keep your horse warm in the harsh seasons. The more fill the blanket has, the more expensive it gets, your purchasing should be guided by your needs for your horse. Some are better for very cold weather, so your horse doesn’t have to endure the harsh temperatures. Use this selection to make the best decision for your horse.

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